Traditional Nuer Culture


This video provides an intimate look inside daily life for a Nuer community. “The Nuer (Naath) people in South Sudan are one of the largest ethnic groups in the northeastern Africa which stretches from Egypt for 2000 km and westward from the Red Sea for 1500km. They are the second largest tribe in South Sudan, numbering over one and half million people. Principally, the Nuer inhabits the swamps and expansive open grassland on either side of the Nile River, and its tributaries in the Southern part of Sudan. Although these people have never had a kingdom and have no technological skills, they are internationally known for their strong individualistic personality, routed in an egalitarian philosophy with social order maintained by community value, culture and lineage system. Therefore, the scope of this analysis will explore and focus primarily on the beliefs, marriage and lineage system or culture in general.”

Pere Herms Clapers

Director at Abyssinia Films
Abyssinia Films S.L. is an independent audiovisual production company founded in 2004 by Pere Herms to produce documentary projects for cinema and television. Over the past six years, Abyssinia Films has produced six documentaries that have been broadcasted on television.

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