Talim le Nas


Theatre actors from South Sudan Theatre Organization have been involved in a series of street dramas titled ‘Education for the People: Grasp It!’ the performances aim to explore the value of education in South Sudan especially girls education and to illustrate the challenges girls face in their communities, such as early marriage. CCTV’s Maria Galang tells us more.


Talim Le Nas, Amsuku! (Education for the People, Grasp it!) was a UNESCO project implemented in partnership with Free Press Unlimited (FPU) and the South Sudan Theatre Organisation.

The project included a series of mobile street performances as part of UNESCO’s ‘Education For All’ advocacy campaign. Together with a team of local actors, script writers and drama directors from the South Sudan Theatre Organisation (SSTO), the project created two plays:

1) The importance of Girls’ Education

2) The value of Vocational and Technical Education

Each drama was performed in three different street locations including bus stations, market places and community meeting areas. The performances included elements of audience participation either through post performance discussions or where audience members were invited on stage to act out/complete certain scenes.

The dramas were also recorded for radio and aired on the UN radio station for World Education Day. The team was asked to present at UNESCO’s International Literacy Day celebrations and was invited by the national Ministry of Education to perform to national level ministers.


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