Emmanuel Jal and Abdel Gadir Salim, 2014


This is Emmanuel Jal and Abdel Gadir Salim performing Baai at the MasterPeace in Concert – “Music above Fighting”. This song was released in 2005 following the signing of the CPA on Jal and Salim’s joint effort “Ceasefire”.

“On September 21, 2014, MasterPeace celebrated the UN International Day of Peace with 55 events in 42 countries, including many in conflict areas. At the heart of these MasterPeace celebrations, a heartwarming concert took place in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) bringing top artists from (former) conflict areas together on one stage, supported by the renowned Metropole Orkest, Oleta Adams, Baaba Maal and Dutch top artist VanVelzen. The show was directed by Leoni Jansen.

The concert focused the world’s attention on the universal longing for a sustainable world, free of armed conflict. To fuel dialogue and celebrate diversity. All artists supported this call with a truly mesmerizing show. Including former child soldier and famous singer/peace activist Emmanuel Jal from South Sudan. He joined the stage with Abdel Gadir Selim from Sudan and together they made a big statement for peace. They performed with the song Baai, which they originally sung for the famous Blood Diamond movie.

More info about the artists and the situation in South Sudan and Sudan can be found here: http://about.masterpeace.org/sudan-so…

MasterPeace is a global grassroots movement that inspires everyone to use their talent and energy for peace building and togetherness. With music, art, sport and dialogue MasterPeace teams in 42 countries focus on disarmament and the prevention of new armed conflict.

MasterPeace will mobilize millions of people worldwide to take actions for peace. MasterPeace Clubs are present in more than forty countries including current and former conflict areas such as Afghanistan, Columbia, Sierra Leone and Nepal.

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MasterPeace is an award-winning global grassroots non-profit and non-governmental peace movement, currently existing in more than 40 countries around the world.

MasterPeace was launched in 2011, with the aim to mobilize people around the world to use their talent and energy for peace building and togetherness. Through music, sports, arts and dialogue, MasterPeace will help lead the way to a more sustainable world with less (armed) conflict.

MasterPeace focuses on actively engaging people around the world in peace-building actions. The world has seven billion inhabitants. We view them as seven billion sources of talent and energy. To achieve all that, MasterPeace offers a platform for a large community of Nelsons; social entrepreneurs, volunteers, bloggers, journalists, media, musicians, businesses and active citizens to connect together and support with actions.

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