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This blog is a space for further discussion on the various issues relevant to the South Sudan Peace Portal, and aims to inform and inspire further thinking in the form of short and accessible articles. Some key questions include:

  • What are the important lessons on conflict transformation, peace building, and reconciliation from South Sudan and other relevant contexts?
  • What are the reflections and personal stories from experienced peacebuilders?
  • What do terms such as ‘peacebuilding’, ‘reconciliation’, ‘healing’, or ‘transformation’ mean in South Sudan, and what makes a difference as to whether approaches work or not
  • How can peace building, conflict transformation and reconciliation contribute to development in South Sudan, and vice versa?

We welcome contributions from a wide range of stakeholders, including those affected by conflict, practitioners, policy makers, researchers, community leaders, and anyone who feels they have something to contribute – but all contributions must accord with the principles of the SSPP. We would also be happy to interview people who prefer to express themselves aurally, and help to produce an article or podcast based on that. Please do get in touch by clicking on contact us.

South Sudan Peace Portal

South Sudan Peace Portal

The South Sudan Peace Portal is a web-based resource which helps to inform and enhance the theory and practice of conflict transformation in South Sudan. It has two main focuses - sharing in depth information and contributing to an alternative narrative to peace.
South Sudan Peace Portal

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